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Gun-Toting Tongoona Trial Date Set

By Charmaine Chauke

The trial of Harare Municipality Security Chief Collen Tongoona who is facing two counts of unauthorized borrowing and failure to secure a firearm has been set for the 18th of July.

The Harare Town Council security boss is accused of contravening Section 116 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform Act) after he took possession of the Harare City Council firearm without permission.

“On February 2020 the accused is alleged to have taken a firearm Star Pistol Serial Number 1291668 without permission from the city council,”reads the state outline.

On the second count, Tongoona is being charged of contravening Section 28(5) of the Firearms Act ((Chapter 10.09) after having failed to secure the council firearm which was used by his son to threaten some unidentified men last year.

It was only learnt that the firearm belonged to the Harare City Council after the son was arrested.

The State had hoped to put the gun-toting Tongoona on further remand but his defense counsel opposed the ruling, leading to the two parties consenting on the trial held on the 18th of July.

Tongoona is pleading not guilty to all the charges.

Apart from these allegations, the Harare City security boss is facing a litany of other allegations that include criminal abuse of office after he illegally authorised development of a housing stand in Marlborough without a certificate of compliance.

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