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Education on Sanctions Key to Objective Commentary

Education on Sanctions was viewed as key to the potential of availing more objective analysis’ on the effects and implications of the widely globally geopolitically contentious theories around the Zimbabwean sanctions between the West and the South without the country’s opposition and sympathisers.

The deliberations which were uttered at a workshop to sensitise the media on the ZIDERA document is part of the country’s commemorations of the SADC initiated call for the removal of sanctions on Zimbabwe by SADC noted a lack on knowledge by ordinary Zimbabweans.

“90% of the people do not have knowledge on the issues of sanctions. We want to speak about the law ZIDERA itself and avail knowledge on it’s implications to government’s operations and the general citizens.” Martin Zharare the Executive Director of Citizens against Economic Sanctions said.

Calls for knowledge on the issue of sanctions was argued as dating back to the inception of mankind and philosophy with calls for the media to be more aware of these dynamics before potentially misleading readers.

The question of knowledge systems dates back to feudalism were the settlers got their land through conquest and creating a bourgeoisie serf system. So this is how the former colonisers survive. The ZANU PF War Veterans League Chair Douglas Mahiya said.
The meeting also commended the ongoing discussions on sanctions between the country’s government through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and the Briton hood institutions.

“In line with the Open for Business Mantra of engagement and reengagement with the Zimbabwean government. The West has shown a soft spot despite the constant threat on the progress made. A case in context would be the current threat to ban all banks availing the Mukuru services thereby enhancing the vulnerability of the local’s who are accessing the remittance’s.” Zharare responded to a question on reengagement progress.

The West remains inclined to calls for Zimbabwe to address alleged human rights violations before the address of the total removal of sanctions which the Zanu PF government allegedly blames on the opposition MDC rebranded CCC as the main orchestrators and advocates.

The country will next week commemorate the call for an end to the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe with a march and an entertainment gala set for the dormitory town of Chitungwiza.


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