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Arundel Hospital to pay Embarrassed Zimbabwean Woman’s Medical Bills

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Arundel Hospital has promised to pay the bills for the woman who was embarrassed by a South African medical practitioner following her failure to settle her medical bills while illegally residing in South Africa.

In a twitter post Arundel Hospital which is allegedly owned by multi millionaire Kuda Tagwirei and offering free medical services in Zimbabwe has called for details potentially leading to the identification of the women to allow them to foot the outstanding bills.

In an interview with this publication, the Arundel Hospital communications department said they were yet to identify the woman and would only issue a statement once they have footed the bill.

The move has also received out lash from South African political firebrands like Julius Malema who feel the utterance were unethical and showed lack of compassion for the bedridden despite reports that the government had endorsed the doctor’s statement.

The move follows advancement by the South African government not to renew Visa’s for Zimbabwean’s siting employment irregularities obtaining in South Africa following the continued massive exodus of Zimbabwean’s to South Africa in pursuit of greener pastures.

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