Cabinet Adopts NDS1 Progress Concept Note …

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Cabinet announced it’s adoption of the concept paper on the progress NDS1 which paves way for the review of the National Lead Policy Framework, citing hurdles as COVID 19 pandemic challenges among other impediments with calls for nationwide involvement in review process.

“Citizens will be aware that the NDS 1 is in its third year of implementation, with its mid-term falling on 30 June 2023. There has been significant progress in the implementation of the Strategy as evidenced by a GDP growth of 8.5% registered in 2021, against a target of 5%. Several key projects have also been implemented, notwithstanding the negative impacts of endogenous and exogenous factors including COVID-19, Eastern Europe tensions, and inflation and exchange rate instability.”

The concept note cited how important the policies 3rd Mid term review would focus on the evaluation of the National Policy Framework, NDS1’s fourteen thematic areas and the efficiency of the structures coordinating NDS1 while
“The Mid-Term Review will include two major components, namely:1. Performance of the NDS 1 Planned Outcomes Review, which will focus on assessing the extent to which the planned outcomes of the Strategy have been realised across the 14 Thematic Working Groups during the past two years of implementation; and 2. Process Review which will focus on assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of the Coordinating Structures of NDS 1.”

Government said it intended to adopt a review strategy that would be systematic across all thematic areas with appropriate data gathering, analysis, coordination and technical tools expected to be compliant to NDS 1 as representative of all Zimbabwean’s interest.

“A participatory and consultative approach will be adopted in carrying out the Review in the 14 Thematic Working Groups of the NDS1 under four main stages, namely: 1. Data gathering using Integrated Results-Based Management (IRBM) compliant templates; 2. Data analysis using appropriate tools to rate NDS 1 Outcomes Performance in order to establish whether the Outcomes are • On Track at Mid Term; • Partially On Track at Mid Term; or • Off Track at Mid Term . 3. An analysis involving assessment of financing and coordination structures and capacities as drivers of sustainability at Mid Term; and 4. Strategic positioning and recommendations.”
Furthermore, “The nation is advised that the approval of the Concept Note by Cabinet Marks the launch of the process of undertaking the NDS 1 Mid-Term Review. The public is urged to participate in the process.”

While oppositional critics to the Zimbabwean government have not been equally eloquent in disregarding the argued success of pfumbvudza, wheat yield records, traffic highway rehabilitation as synonymous to the ascension of ED Mnangagwa to Presidency and the NDS1 strategy, they have not aired their opinions in policy formulation processes as national dialogues are critique platforms for the public.

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