Chamisa Condemns ZANU PF Violence Spat

By Staff Reporter
Citizens Coalition for Change President Nelson Chamisa has condemned the violent nature of ZANU PF ahead of the 2023 general elections while emphasising his commitment to peace and free and fair elections as the solution to Zimbabwean’s problems at a press Conference in Harare.

The press conference which comes following the recent spat of violence against the opposition party with yesterday’s Kabuyani spat having left 16 people injured including 3 journalist’s.

Speaking during the press conference Nelson Chamisa emphasised that the violence they have been subdued to would not intimidate them while calling for his members to be resilient in the face of atrocities as the nation’s prosperous hopes only dependent on a CCC victory.

Chamisa highlighted that the scenes in Gokwe had shown that ZANU PF had an ambition from it’s highest offices to instill descent as Larry Mavhima, July Moyo and McKenzie Ncube were on the ground to disturb the CCC rally through hosting a ZANU PF rally at the same location despite the latter realizing a poor attendance.

Chamisa emphasised that the violence against the opposition in rural areas showed the overwhelming support CCC had despite the massive campaign being spearheaded by Kembo Mohadi to force villiage heads and civilians to submit to ZANU PF.

Chamisa emphasised that the incident at Kabuyani Gokwe followed similar frustrations by the ZANU PF in Masvingo, Hwedza, Seke as he highlighted that rural areas had become major centers for violence perpetration by Zimbabwe’s sole post independence ruling party.

Chamisa emphasised that the perpetrators of the 2008 violence had mostly met mysterious death circumstances as he had been told by the party sources while highlighting that he would not succumb to the pressure to stop his campaigns as ZANU PF did not own Zimbabwe and his potential rally venues.
Chamisa could not guarantee journalist protection following the Gokwe altercations as he maintained he was also at the mercy of the ruthless ZANU PF system despite their constant intentions to protect journalist’s at most their events.

Chamisa emphasised that the success of Zimbabwe was solely hinged on ZANU PF and ED Mnangagwa’s submission to peace, free and fair elections while emphasising the existence of secretive political strategies that they hoped to employ with regional partners to see to the development of the country Zimbabwe.

CCC which was formed in 2022 following the recall of most it’s MP’s following a fallout within it’s ranks that saw ZANU PF maintaining power while opposition has complained of irregular electoral progre


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