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Chief Makoni Cogan Gwasira is being acused of snatching a wife of a Rusape man in an incident that placed the entire community in shock.

Patience Makuwe (20yr) was customarily married to Sydney Makava for two(2) years before Chief Makoni engineered what turned out to be a nasty divorce.

Makava alleges that Chief Makoni meddled in the affairs of his marriage after forcing him to accept a child that was proved by DNA tests that he was not the biological father.

Speaking to this publication, Makava said Chief Gwasira summoned him to pay three(3) cattles, Kitchen Unit, Radio, Chain Saw, nine(9) bags of fertlizer and Scotchcart. These were used as a penalty for refusing to accept fatherhood to the newly born child, yet DNA tests later proved that Sydney Makava is not the biological father of the Child.

“Chief Makoni is the main culprit to all my problems. He interfered with my bedroom life by forcing me to accept Child that is not mine, yet the Chief himself is neither a Doctor nor a DNA machine to certify that I am the biological father.”

The Chief went on to forcefully impound properties worth US $6000. 00 dollars belonging to Makava’s father. Makava lived to the shock of his life upon learning that his Father’s kitchen unit was impounded by Chief’s aides to the effect of instituting a penalty on him.

Due to these circumstances, Makava is now believing that Chief Makoni is having an affair with his estranged wife.

“A Chief is a well respected person in our society but I have since lost that respect . The way he treated me in this case shows that he was not acting in the office of a real chief but someone who took advantage over my situation. “

“It is clear he snitched my wife and am now meant to believe that he is the father of the child. He wanted me to avoid DNA tests because he knew the truth. “

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