Commotion as War Veterans league elections loom

By Paul Ndou

There is serious commotion in the looming War Veterans league elections in Mashonaland Central province as learnt by this publication.

Insiders have said that the Richard Chirongwe camp being sponsored by party Chairperson Kazembe Kazembe is busy trying to manipulate the voters role.

“Rigging machinery for the Chirongwe camp is in full swing with Kazembe assisting them through the Provincial Executive Committee (PEC),”the source said.

“Chirongwe and eight District Co-ordinating Committee (DCC) secretaries for war veterans were booked at Chocolate Gate lodge in Bindura in a bid to temper around with the voters role.” The source said

It is further alleged that War Veterans Association Chairperson Sam Parirentatwa who is set to battle it out with Chirongwe is having sleepless nights after he heard that Chirongwe with the help of Kazembe and illegal miners have raised $18000 to bribe voters into voting for Chirongwe.

” Parirentatwa is a troubled man as it is being alleged that the Chirongwe faction has since raised $18000 for bribing their way through,” added sources.

Both Chirongwe and Parirentatwa did not comment as they did not pick calls from this news crew.

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