Egg in Face for Passion Java as Baba Harare Interfaces with ED

Self acclaimed prophet and controversial socialite Passion Java could have seen some egg plastered across his face as his social media fight on musician Baba Harare so the latter meeting E D before his album allegedly titled, I love my President, hit the streets.

The controversial American prophet come socialite who had taken a slew of criticism against equally lyrically controversial Baba Harare in the past days has been known to have interest in social media fights purportedly to maintain social media relevance and cash in from adsense revenues including some obscenities.

The fallout which had seen Passion Java likening Baba Harare to a pitbull had seen the latter constantly replying to meet the derogatory terms issued against him responded to show he had no fear of Java’s constant rhetorics of his wealth.

In a continued show of Baba Harare’s disregard for the self styled clerics wealth and social influence, Baba Harare emphasised that he likened Java to a ‘bird’ that could be difficult to get well cooked, an African phrase showing the poor quality of meat.

The exchange of words between the two had seen Java telling Baba Harare and social media viewers that he could not meet his clothing taste showed Java’s constant self glorification.

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