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Employees Cohort to Swindle firm of thousands

By Staff Reporter
Employees working in cohort, swindled a local diversified portfolio firm, African Business Women Association, ABWA thousands of dollars through hacking and other scrupulous means currently under investigation.

In a case that has currently netted the company’s IT technician, Kundai Charles Mahachi under charges of fraud, copyright law violation and cyber criminal activity the firm lost multi thousands of dollars.

It is the complainant’s case that the IT Technician who had constant interest in assisting accounting clerks hacked company servers and diverted funds to his personal use fraudantly.

It is also the complainant’s case that Mahachi opened a Car Sale which he ironically named ABWA, linked his Car Sale with the official ABWA’s website and used the diversified portfolio firm’s Medical division address for his business, in turn amounting to copyright infringement.

The net is drawing in on the suspect’s accomplices as the arresting officers from the CID Stores and Business department are closing in on the fraudster’s.

The company is currently engaged in a audit to ascertain the actual prejudiced amount despite the firm worried the losses could run into over a million.

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