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Forfeitures Depriving Zim Revenue to SA- Matanda Moyo

Zimbabwe is loosing revenue to it’s southern neighbor South Africa owing to forfeiture of smuggled goods to the South African Government according to the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission Chairperson Commissioner Justice Loice Matanda Moyo.

While the revenues lost by Zimbabwe to South Africa through the porous border system through corruption, reported illegal smuggling has been publicised little has been said on the amount lost to forfeited goods from Zimbabwean’s.

“We are loosing a lot of revenue as a country to South Africa through forfeiture. Gold is being forfeited, Cigarettes aswell. Once a person is caught trying to smuggle goods, the goods are forfeited to South Africa and hense a significant loss of potential revenue.” Justice Commissioner Matanda Moyo said at National Anti Corruption Steering Taskforce Stakeholders meeting.

The former judge highlighted the social embarrassment that was associated with such practices as Zimbabwean’s were further argued to be contributing to crime through smuggling of materials for use in criminal activity.

“I was informed that recently explosives were smuggled from Zimbabwe to South Africa with these explosives being used to blast ATM machines during armed robberies.” Justice Matanda Moyo highlighted.

Furthermore, “Corruption will be defeated if we have the will and are willing to work together as ZACC, ZRP, ZIMRA and the National Prosecutor’s Authority and save ourselves from the embarrassment associated with such practices.” Justice Matanda Moyo also said.

We could however not ascertain the actual prejudiced as efforts to get in touch with the South African Home Office but we are sure to follow up with the issue soon.

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