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Friends of Sikhala to put Pressure for his Release

By Staff Reporter

Speakers at a twitter space advocating for controversial politician, Job Sikhala’s Release following over 60 days in prison have called for pressure for the release of the Chitungwiza legislator and his compatriot and other 16 incarcerated following fallouts with police following More blessing Ali’s death.

Harare CCC representative Mayor and Lawyer Jacob Mafume vowed to put on the judiciary for the release of Sikhala as he alleged the state of manipulation of government tiers.

“Remember, the magistrates are ruling in favour of the NPA. You know prosecutors, you know that’s a miscarriage of justice. So we want to put enough pressure on the magistrates, enough pressure on the prosecutors and on the state, because we know they are getting instructions from the sun privileging.” Mafume said during the space.

Mafume also vowed to put pressure on the multilateral partners and regional and international leaders as he affirmed that the matter has gained global traction.

“This issue is discussed , you know, in the SADC region, in the international community. So all these multilayers or multilateral levels that we can push are important to bring awareness and to make sure that this issue does not escape the reader of the people of Zimbabwe in the of the region and of the international community.” Mafume reiterated.

Calls were made for the general citizens to take part in the coordination of pressure mechanisms to see to the release of the incercerated.

“We call upon civil society and the ordinary residents so that we can put a pressure for the release of these people.” Alice Kureya Chitungwiza Residents Association said.

Furthermore, “Because that’s realistically what we can do and if there’s anything else that citizens can come up with, they can come up with it in due course and make sure that we change this government systematically.”Mafume also said.

The case of the Nyatsime 16 and Job Sikhala has caused headlines as state representatives argue that Sikhala defaulted a previous court ruling of similar interest thereby is a flight risk while his s called friends have been shunned for isolating him by observers while bemoaning the State’s uncompassionate nature in dealing with the legislator.

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