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G40 members Retract #ZanuPFMustGo Campaign


Former ZANU PF and G40 cabal members Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwawo have retracted their #ZANUPFMUSTGO stance which they adopted after the 2017 ’coup’ which ousted former President Robert Mugabe in a letter published yesterday.

The letter which came five years after the ouster of Mugabe emphasised that they had been ill advised in engaging in the campaign and supporting CCC President Nelson Chamisa.

“Accordingly, and on this day of 15 November 2022,we hereby apologise to all of you Comrades most sincerely and with profound regret for our wrong use of – and ill-advised association with – the hashtag ‘Zanu-PF Must Go’ (#ZanuPFMustGo).” The letter by the two said.

Furthermore; “ we supported Nelson Chamisa in the 2018 and well after that but we did not at any time in that process ever seek to join his then MDC-A or his new CCC.

Ironically, the move comes after realisations that their hope for Chamisa’s enshrinement of the fundamental values would not come to fruition.

“We hoped in vain that Chamisa would break barriers and forge a new platform on which a cross section of citizens straddling the political divide could converge, based on Zimbabwe’s founding values and principles stipulated in section 3 of Zimbabwe’s Constitution.” The statement further emphasised.

The politicians and former government’s confidantes emphasised that they had realised that there was no political party that could outwit ZANU PF
“As we tender our apology to you Comrades, we do so fully aware that there is no alternative political formation in Zimbabwe that: (a) recognises, values and appreciates the liberation struggle that gave way to the country’s independence, and that (b) is also guided and informed by the genuine patriotic and nationalistic values and principles that shepherded Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle.” The statement further highlighted.

The ouster of the G 40 formation followed the factional fights within ZANU PF along generational lines which turned into a fallout between Mugabe and current president E D Mnangagwa.

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