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Gold Coins Make Sense – Maponga

Popular eloquent orator and analyst Joshua Maponga has taken to applaud government for their effort in availing value for money through the gold coins as they related to the country’s resource wealth and history at a time the country is faced by social economic challenges.

Taking to social media the orator highlighted the significance of the coins as they came not only at a time the nation was suffering economically despite the country’s world class ranking in gold production.

“Difficult economic times demand creative methods and solutions..I read this article from the reserve Bank.. the introduction of Gold coins as a means of exchange.. it makes sense the 5000 plus kg of gold we produce per month can be our currency- we create a parallel economic butter system.” Maponga said on his Facebook page.

The Pan Africanist highlighted the moves significance to Pan Africanisn and economics as the same aspirations led to Gaddafi’s demise and gold’s significance in relating to value respectively despite the changing global order in valuing money as determined by stock and market forces.

“Value for value and get rid of paper meaningless money. This is what Gadafi died for… I personally think this settles the inflation rate as gold is the measure used to bench mark paper money… Share your thoughts..” Maponga also highlighted.

The Pan Africanist highlighted the significance the move has in Africa’s reach to it’s indegenous knowledge systems as the solution was linked to Africa’s reach background.

“If you have gold you have wealth- Dzimbabgwe we did this for centuries before the lies of the banks, colonialist and paper money-some of the solutions to our problems are found in the past. Exchange value for value!I am the watcher from the future living with you in the present with solutions from the past” Maponga said on social media.

The gold coins officially presented to the market this week by the country’s Reserve Bank have received a major out lash from critics who feel they do not represent the needs of the people.

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