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Gospel Musician Releases Debut Album

By Edward Makuzva A South African based Zimbabwean born gospel musician, Simbarashe Mbofana has released his first album titled ‘Nyasha Dzedenga’.

In a telephone interview with this publication, Mbofana said gospel music is a calling and he praises and spreads the word of God through music.

Born on 25

November, 1980 in Nyaurungwe, under village 17A Resettlement area, in Gokwe, the upcoming musician added that looking at the journey travelled, the successful launch of his first album is truly amazing, it would never have been possible without God’s grace.

Nyaurungwe is in Gokwe North constituency,a community marginalised, however, that has not been a drawback, a star is rising from that background.Mbofana, who released an album ‘Nyasha Dzedenga’ is testimony to the struggles he faced in his childhood.

“I started singing in 2021 that’s when I started working on my tracks, due to financial constraints, I failed to release an album. In 2022 the dream became a reality.“So far this one is the first album but I have more single tracks remaining which I’m about to finish and plan to have another album.“God was doing wonders for me because the journey was not easy hence the name ‘Nyasha Dzedenga’. It tells a lot from what I have experienced so far in this music industry.“My motive was to fulfil the duties of God, to preach the Gospel of God through music,” Mbofana explained.

The upcoming musician grew up in a family of 5 children. He went to Nyaurungwe Primary School in Copper Queen, Gokwe which is also his home area after completion of his primary level.He did his secondary education in 2000 at Kawondera Secondary School in Murombedzi.

True to the calling, “I will make you fishers of men,” Mbofana is doing that through music.In one of the tracks, ‘kufamba naJeso’, he mirrors his life journey, similar to many from rural areas.

Another track soothing the ear is ‘Dzingori Nyasha’ It is danceable and uplifting for praise and worship.He goes into the same mode of prayer in ‘Mwari Muri Zuva Redu’ and one feels the glory and essence of The Word.

As a first album, the sun has risen, Mbofana is set to achieve his mission, ministering to humanity to come back to the fold.The album is a great companion to play at home, when travelling long distances and when at work. A must have in your 2022 music collection.

Mbofana who was inspired by his fellow gospel musician, Pilot Mabato who resides at Kasonde resettlement area, as they grew up together in a very remote area but have produced albums which carries the messages on which they exhort people to repent and follows the ways of the lord.

He said if ever there is a direct question that people ought to face, then it is, “ What shall be your fate after you have been wined, dined and sunned on the earth.”

Mbofana added that Nyaurungwe is a marginalized area, so I want to say especially to those who are staying in remote areas, don’t look down at yourself, do not underrate yourself you can do the best regardless of place of origin which has nothing to do with success.

He said success is a directly proportional to effort made and is nothing to do with background.

Meanwhile, the Apostolic Faith Mission singer is married to Faith Chapungu and blessed with two kids.

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