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Hikaende Hichilema Celebrates 34th Marriage Anniversary

By Staff Reporter

The Zambian president Hikainde Hichilema has taken to twitter to commemorate his 34th marriage anniversary to his wife Mutinta Hichilema as his country basks in the continued positive trajectories he is offering for citizenry development.

Following his current leadership success stint as justified by the country’s recently unveiled nickel mining deal with a British firm, employment of teachers and health workers, a stronger kwacha to the rand backed by investor confidence and prudent financial management he has taken.

In the background of such success the old adage, ‘Behind every successful men is a women, Mutinta can be thought as being central to Zambia’s success as Hikaende took to twitter to cherish the ‘unconditional’ love she had continually offered him for 34 years.

Perhaps, considering the argued conspiracies that Hikainde has faced as he contested four elections before assuming office in 2021 that ranged from being a freemason to satanist, and panama paper entanglements, the role and character of Mutinta in urging Zambia’s Seventh President on can never be undermined.

According to Wikipedia, “Hichilema is married to Mutinta and has three children…Hichilema is a millionaire and the second-largest cattle rancher in Zambia…He has led the United Party for National Development since 2006.”

Much is not published about the first lady despite her predominant religious and philanthropic and women rights activism social media presence were she boosts of close to 200 000 followers.

With the couple having commemorated their 29th wedding anniversary earlier this month, it is highly likely the couple opted to wed in the same month they had married 5 years earlier in 1988.

It remains that the moral fiber of most leaders has detached from expected social better practice globally, presented as the Zuma, Boris Johnson, Bill Clinton sagas that at times have smeared political images

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