Hopewell Chin’ono ‘misplaced’ Passport amidst Zim return Arrest Allegations

In what ZANU PF sympathiser’s and analyst’s could argue as a continued distraction by opposition apologists on their alleged human rights violation record, controversial journalist Hopewell Chin’ono allegedly misplaced his passport before taking a flight they he had vowed to take despite being informed of arrest threat’s on return to Zimbabwe.

In a tweet that he has since pinned to his profile the award winning journalist, Chin’ono who has been in Europe of late were he presented lectures on the human rights situation in Zimbabwe had earlier stated that he would defy the arrest threat’s he had received the catch a flight back to Zimbabwe.

The controversial journalist, however backed down on taking the flight alleging that he had misplaced his passport enroute to the airport, only finding his passport back at the hotel.

The Journalist who has continually been critical of government actions sociopolitical and economically will likely advantage government’s rhetoric that self proclaimed opposition analyst’s are eagerly tainting the second republic efforts to avail a more ‘open for business mantra’ that is more inclusive to the international world.
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