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Inaugural Agriculture Research and Extension Symposium Held


By Agriculture Correspondent

The inaugural Agriculture research and extension symposium is currently underway in Harare with intellectuals, technicians and agriculture operators converged in Harare for two days to srategies on new technologies and knowledge that could better Agriculture development.

The symposium will bring to discussion agriculture practitioners across the country’s private, public and intellectual domains to consider and discuss on the potential technical shifts Zimbabwe could adopt to improve agricultural development.

The Ministry emphasised the need for relevant research that met historical, future and current problems for the farmers.

“This implies that all researches are as good as the value to be derived by users and not by researchers. Is it addressing an existing, emerging or anticipated problem?” Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Lands Agriculture Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, John Bhasera said.

The symposium is expected to aggravate agriculture development while enhancing the overall objectives of the Agriculture Recovery Plan and the national policy objectives underpinned by the Vision 2030 blueprint.

As further emphasised by P S Bhasera,“ Further and more importantly, this nexus and associated linkages present opportunities to leapfrog and even to achieve the agricultural objectives under Vision 2030.”

The symposium noted the importance of technology in improvement of pest control mechanisms as noted by a paper by Karingeni, Pfupa, Dube etal.

The symposium which looked at a number of agriculture issues which include soil fertility management, plant and seed breeding, animal health and breading, tsetse fly containment, fertiliser performance is a potential game changer in availing knowledge
Research has been allocated 4.4% of the ministries 2023 budget and falls under pillar four; Improving Agriculture Research, technology dissemination and adoption; under the ministry’s adoption of the Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Program, (CAADP) as the Ministry has met success in it’s pfumbvudza/ inthwasa program, record wheat yields among other successful developments.

Agriculture remains a key social and economic driver as it is important to GDP, food security, health, demographic balance among other imperatives.

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