Kasukuwere Can’t Bury Mnangagwa-ZANU PF Youth

Youth association’s affiliated to ZANU PF have affirmed that Kasukuwere failed to ‘bury’ Mnangagwa during the G40 reign and should not use Tsenengamu to try to generate political mileage.

Following Tsenengamu’s Press conference last week which saw the former ZANU PF Youth leader showering praises on exiled G40 member Saviour Kasukuwere, who has expressed interest in the 2023 election, Zanu PF Youth association’s felt their money mongering strategies were ill-timed and bound to fail.

“Nothing can be further from the truth. On their own, with everything in their hands, Kasukuwere and crew failed to bury the man called President ED Mnangagwa. Having failed in that regard they have now sort the services of a well known political prostitute Tsenengamu.” ZANU PF affiliated Youth Association’s representative Tonderai Chidawa said.

The youth also debunked the factional fights allegations within the ZANU PF hierarchy as Ret General Constantino G Chivengwa and President Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa are rumoured to be facing off as the ZANU PF congress and 2023 election approach.

“We wish to make it clear to the media, that ZANU PF as the colossal revolutionary party cleansed itself from unprincipled renegades and factional thugs who find political relevance through creating and fronting divisions. While we make it very clear again that there is no noise on the cockpit and that our leaders are united from the top to the lowest level.” The Youth Association representative emphasised.

The youth association’s noted Kasukuwere as treacherous and urged him to devise other means to help than use Tsenengamu for money.

“To the embattled Kasukuwere, your actions are evidence that a leopard does not change its spots nor can the devil ever accept the lord as his Saviour. Help Tsenengamu if you will but not through exploiting his incessant need for money.” Chidawa also emphasised.

The youth panel included Varakashi 4ED leader Jones Musara and other artisinal and religious youth organisation’s affiliated to the ruling party.

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