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Labour Association’s a key Ministerial partner in amplifying labour issues

The Minister of Public Service Labour and Social Welfare highlighted the complementary role labour Association’s had to the Ministry in fostering for improved labour processes at a Employers Council of Zimbabwe annual congress in Victoria Falls.

The Minister highlighted the significance of labour agents in complementing the Ministry in addressing labour disputes as ushered by the labour Act.

“I wish to make just one specific reference to the dispute settlement mechanism in terms of section 63 of the Labour Act (Chapter 28:01), as amended, which confers equal powers to the Ministry’s Labour Officers and the Designated Agents from Employment Councils for the redress of labour disputes.” Minister of Public Service Labour and Social Welfare Professor Paul Mavhima said.

With the country currently engaged in legislative reforms for the labour market, the Minister called for the business community to be part of the process to realise the best potential legislation and policies.

“We thus particular I specifically wish to invite the entire Business community to extend its full support for the labour law reform process which is currently under discussion in Parliament and other pieces of legislation were are currently developing together.
I specifically wish to invite the entire Business community to extend its full support for the labour law reform process.” Mavhima also said.

The minister also highlighted the importance social dialogue and tripartite negotiations had despite the ever envisaged linkages labour Representatives had with the parent ministry.

“As the Ministry, we would however like to assure the leadership of employers’ and workers’ associations that are here-present that the direct linkages that the Ministry must enjoy with Employment Councils cannot supplant or replace tripartism and social dialogue.” Prof Paul Mavhima also said.

The Minister called for the regular meeting with employment councils to foster for the harmonisation of issues that have a bearing on their coexistence.

“Given the seamless functions of the Ministry and Employment Councils, it is therefore not only prudent, but legally imperative for the two authorities – which are co-functionaries – to meet periodically with a view to harmonising the implementation of labour policies and laws.” The Minister also highlighted.

With EMCOZ set to represent the business community at the Tripartite Negotiating Forum the Minister urged EMCOZ to play the role with professionalism and quest for excellence.

“We thus particularly wish EMCOZ all the success in its efforts as the convenor of Business at the TNF. We look forward to EMCOZ playing this role with skill, commitment and excellency, so that the voice of the entire Business community is heard at the TNF.” Mavhima further emphasised.

The event, which ran under the theme ‘Social Dialogue for New Paradigm Shift for Economic and Social Transformation”, is an annual event that saw attendance from most employment bodies through the support of the International Labor Organisation.