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Magamba -CTAP equip Content Creators for Health Accountability

Magamba network, a local content creators hub has partnered with Connected Development, Africa’s leading civil society organization on the COVID Transparency and Accountability Project (CTAP), to better equip content creators on advocating for transparency in management of health funds.

CTAP is an initiative spearheaded by Connected Development (CODE) and BudgIT Foundation, two prominent civic-tech non-governmental organizations seeking to promote accountability and transparency through the tracking of COVID-19 intervention funds across 7 African countries.

“As CTAP we have been working in 7 countries to help content creators advocate for more accountable practice’s in the use of COVID 19 funds. Our broad initiative is to see Zimbabwe adopting the ‘open government partnership’ and see content creators contributing to monitoring of utilisation and progress in the use of COVID 19 funds.” Mukhtar Modibbo, The Community Engagement Manager for Connected Development said.

Zimbabwe was viewed as having multiple challenges that exacerbated corruption within the health sector which included porous procurement system, policy gaps, non compliance to international treaties among other complexities.

“ Through a research we carried out we realised that Zimbabwe still depends on archaic legislation, non compliance to the Abuja declaration, income and renumeration shortcomings for medical practitioners, infrastructure dilapidation and and drug shortages shortage among other challenges.” Daniel Chingundu, The Magamba network CTAP partnership coordinator said.

Challenges in management of health funds as experienced through the experience in managing COVID 19 funds was viewed as an African challenge that content creators should lead in addressing.

“The challenges in management of health funds and accountability can be viewed as a universal problem as can be learnt in experiences from as far as the USA. In Nigeria one major challenge was the administration and storage of the vaccines was not professionally handled and this left people vulnerable from poorly stored vaccines and people who could not administer the vaccine.” Seun Durojaiye, the Communications Officer for Connected Development said.

The encounter recommended that partners constantly engage so as to fully unpack the technical issues that bedeviled accurate and responsive content creation on health accountability.

“It seems important to create collaboration between the attendees here and partners to see to it that content creators are more vexed on the technical issues in health reportage and the public procurement process so as to allow for more accurate reportage and content to combat corruption in the health sector.” Lynet Manzini the meeting’s moderator and Open Parly Presenter said.

With COVID 19 having heightened corruption allegations against government through allegations on flawed tender processes and the widely publicised ‘Draxgate’ scandal, the media remain key in combatting corruption.

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