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Medicinal Cannabis Industry Growth facing setback’s

By Tatenda Mujeyi
Setback’s were envisaged as impeding the potential uptake of Cannabis for medical purposes industry as lack of clinical trials, education, lack of legislation remains retrogressive to the potential development of the sector as said by stakeholders at a cannabis round table.

Following Zimbabwe’s 2018 adoption of legislation guaranteeing the farming of Medicinal Cannabis and research, uptake of medicinal cannabis has met mixed fate’s with the industry

“Lack of information has availed a huge gap in relation to what practitioners know compared to what clients know. As a practitioner, I find that at times my patients know more than me in terms of medicinal cannabis owing to google and opt not to prescribe cannabis.” Cancer Specialist
The regulators called for registration of research license’s as key to availing platforms for development of medicinal cannabis as most applicants were concentrating on farming for export.
“We have currently registered 59 license’s of which only 2 are research licenses as the bulk of applicants have opted for production for export. In this regard it is important to note that there is need for
Lack of contextualisation of research on cannabis use in relation to indigenous knowledge remains a key barrier to the potential development of medicinal cannabis research especially in tertiary institutions.
“Research has to be put in to context, we seem to think that research on Cannabis is done in white dust coats. We need to think of the historical medicinal youth within our culture and African traditional medicinal cannabis uses and research more on that.” Dr Chifamba , A Lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe said.
The standardized certification process of medicinal cannabis was also viewed as a major drawback as farmers have to confirm to the Global GM certification which costs upward of US$100 000. This has been expensive and hindered Local value addition.
The Minister of Health and Child Care and Vice President, Dr Retired General Constantino Guvheya Chiwenga as represented by his Deputy Dr John Mangwiro highlighted the need to incorporate cannabis use for medicinal purposes in the educational curriculum as it remained key in availing better medicinal returns as the natural remedy’s within cannabis and hemp have been known to remedy vast health challenges while it’s uptake remains central for economic development.
Government committed to contribute to the development of the cannabis industry for medicinal uses while emphasising on the illegality of any other use as the country heightens it’s clampdown on drugs. The Chikomba East Legislator said.
The Cannabis Round Table which is expected to spearhead discussion on the development of the medicinal cannabis saw the unveiling of a scholarship grant that is expected to amplify knowledge on medicinal cannabis across sectors with over 100 beneficiaries set to get scholarships to further research on medicinal canabis.