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Nash Mphepo Flees to Europe

By Arts Correspondent.

Actor Nash Mphepo is believed to have fled  the country after facing numerous threats and harassment from suspected stage agents, this publication can reveal.

Sources close to Mphepo, say, the veteran actor was receiving death threats of late leaving him with no option but to flee the country destined to Europe.

“He looked troubled recently and opened up to me saying there were some characters alleging that there was a plan to ‘silence’ him over his works.

“Nash told me that some of the plays he was involved in were being deemed offensive by the state,” revealed the source.

According to another local publication, Mphepo could have touched some nerves when he mimicked a corrupt police officer in a play called Flipside.

In the play, Mphepo stars as a fetish police boss who abuses a sex worker taking advantage of the  criminalisation of sex work in Zimbabwe.

Another confidante of Mphepo, says another reason that could have led to the actor fleeing to Europe was the suspicious death of Jiggaz.

“Jiggaz and Nash were close buddies. The suspicious death of his pal and the subsequent threats that followed really took a toll on him.

” Worse when another female  actor, Siziba died a month later, it left Nash with no choice but to flee, “said the source who requested anonymity for fear of victimization.

Artistes in Zimbabwe have a long history of being threatened for exercising freedom of expression.

Renowned musician, Thomas Mapfumo is living in exile in the US after being hounded out of the country for his songs deemed ‘inappropriate’ by the state.

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