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NetOne in Rumbidzo-Khulekani Gospel APP Platform Launch

By Edward Makuzva

The state onwed mobile giant Telecommunications and network service provider, NetOne has launched Rumbidzo – Khulekani Gospel APP Platform, which will capacitated Gospel musicians across the country.

Speaking during the Gospel Engagement Session, Friday in the capital, NetOne Group Chief Executive Officer, Raphael Mushawani said the service empowers subscribers with the freedom to choose when to listen to a pre-recorded show at their own time.

The new App is an entertainment service that captivates the mass market with a variety of religious content available to ALL denominations.

Mushawani added that the service requires a user to download the APP from PlayStore to access and navigate live and pre-recorded sermons, music, and videos.

He said the artistes will be engaged through Sonic Signal.

The Group Chief Executive Officer added that NetOne provides the digital platform while Sonic Signal is the content aggregator to manage artistes on behalf of NetOne.

“Today we affirm our position in the recognition and delivery of digital solutions tailor-made to meet all our customers’ needs.”

Furthermore, “We realize that amongst other facets of well-being; spirituality is one of them. And on to the menu of our platter of packages, we are adding one that reaches out to the Gospel music and Bible sermons lovers.”

“One simply needs to download the Rumbidzo-Khulekani App on Google Play Store. On the App, enter the phone number and receive a One Time Password (OTP). Select a subscription plan and enjoy the wide range of gospel content. To opt out, select the drop-down menu and select “logout”, Mushawani explained.

Mushawani added that NetOne is a giant telecommunications service provider in providing digital solutions tailor-made to meet all its customers’ needs.

Rumbidzo-Khulekani Gospel App is a subscription-based, value-added service offering the streaming and playing of Gospel music and sermons.

According to latest statistics, Christianity is by far the dominant religion in Zimbabwe, with 69.2% Protestant, 8.0% Catholicism, 6.9% Non-denominational Christian totaling 84.1% of the population.

The next most common belief in Zimbabwe is no belief at all – with 10.2% of the population declaring themselves atheist or agnostic. The remaining 5.7% of the population either practice the traditional African religion or are Muslim.

The largest proportion of Christians belongs to the Apostolic sect 34 % followed by Pentecostal 20 % and Protestant 16%. Of the 2.4 million Data users, 1.6 million subscribers are on Social Media. According to the Zimbabwe Mobile industry statistics, 9.53 million people are Internet and Data Subscribers. There is a 53% Smartphone and 63.1% Internet penetration rates.

Gospel musicians who graced the engagement ceremony included Pastor G, Minister Mahendere, Pastor Haisa, Sabastian Magacha, Joyful Praise,Thembalami, Fungisai Zvakavapano – Mashavave, Natsai E-Moyo, Jonah Chivasa and Stah Shumba.

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