Owners can be their own plunderer – Mliswa

As in disregard to the general ZANU PF campaign gimmick, ‘ Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo’, ‘a nation is built by its people’, in a festive season message shared by Norton Constituency MP Themba to his constituents emphasised that we owe our realisations as humans had the capacity to falter.

“Overall, when all is said and done, through all that has occurred and all that is to be, we remain protected by God and He guides our footsteps in our different spheres of influence. Zimbabwe remains our country. It is true that “Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo” but at the same time, Nyika inogona kupunzwa nevene vayo.”

With ZANU PF centralizing agriculture as part of it’s success and strategy, the legislator concurred in anticipating a bumper harvest while calling for more pronounced pricing systems and payment strategies.

“On the agricultural front, we look forward to continued bumper harvests this coming year, and fair and favorable producer prices which enable sustainability.” Mliswa also said.

With the 2023 elections looming, the Norton legislator arguably justified his reelection by calling all voter’s to question prospecting candidate’s potential strategies for improving the constituency.

“In Norton, anyone vying for a leadership position across the board should be interrogated and asked what they will do better for you that others have failed to achieve. Let us be clear and fully understand the roles of Councilors and that of MPs and not confuse the two.”

The Norton legislator also highlighted the need for new voters to contribute to the elective process.

“Some may feel that abstaining is the best way forward, however, voter abstinence robs you of your voice and gives others the opportunities to impose their choices on you, it also takes away your right to complain. So think carefully, and choose wisely as we pray for a peaceful, tolerant, non-violent 2023 general election period.”

The Norton legislator who remained the sole independent candidate in Zimbabwe for the current 2018 -2023 Parliament Sitting and has arguably been the most outspoken and critical member of the house against the opposing Zanu PF, MDC and CCC views.

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