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PAC to Consider Parly Tender Scam as Finance Ministry Withholds Tender Payments.

Do youParliament will consider the globally trending Zimbabwean Parliament grand looting that saw South Africa wondering how the Zimbabwean government purchased Chicken for ZAR530 and laptops for over 90 000 exposing some of the allegedly gross corruption trends as constantly argued within African Administrative domains.

With the Ministry of Finance having further suspended payment of exorbitantly priced tenders across most sectors, it remains that the gross corruptive nature of Zimbabwean Economic advantaging remains and adds to the potential scrutiny by Mthuli Ncube’s Economic strategy.

The Parliament Advisory Committee PAC will tomorrow interface with the Parliament of Zimbabwe Representative in a showcase that will likely evaluate the power dynamics between the Administration of Parliament and the Legislative Representative’s and ZACC’s efficiency to monitor financial descent.

With the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development having further suspended payment of exorbitantly priced tenders the responses from Parliament the standoff is expected to showcase the broader position of government to curb pilferage.

A business man who is currently facing suspension of payment for supplied goods complained of the suspension of prices despite not considering the necessary due diligence checks treasury has to adopt if the national resources are to be safeguarded from pilferage.

We to follow.