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Pakistan Condemns India’s Kashmir & Jammu Rights Violations

The Pakistan Ambassador to Angola, Malawi Democratic Republic of Congo based in Zimbabwe condemned India’s religious, freedom and human rights violation in Kashmir and Jammu as the over 70 year old fallout continually infringes democratic practice and shows India’s disregard for it’s United Nations obligations.

5 August Black day emanated from a fallout between Pakistan and India following the British partitioning of the region in 1947 after the second world war that saw an Indian ascribed ruler in the land unilateral ceded to join India despite the majority’s calls to be part of Pakistan.

The ambassador denounced the continued electoral rights violation through delaying the Kashmir census to 2026 , killings freedom of speech and expression infringements while commending the resilience of the Kashmiri’s in the face of such atrocities.

“The actions of 5 August 2019 by the Government of India have introduced various constitutional amendments such as the removal of Article 370 which provides special status to Kashmir and removal of Article 35 which gives power to Kashmiris to define resident status to change the demography of the valley and influence any future plebiscite. To strengthen the ill attempt, the Kashmir valley census has also been delayed till 2026.” H.E. Murad Baseer, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the Republic of Zimbabwe.

Furthermore, “The unabated Indian repression, in contravention to international law, UNSC resolutions and the 4th Geneva Convention, including extra-judicial killings of innocent Kashmiris, unprecedented restrictions on freedom of speech, fake encounters, cordon-and-search operations, custodial torture and deaths, enforced disappearances, incarceration of Kashmiri leadership and youth, use of pellet guns, destruction and burning of houses, and other methods of subjugation have miserably failed to shake the resolve of the Kashmiri people.” Baseer emphasised.

“Government of India’s blatant violation of human rights in Jammu & Kashmir is nothing new. To its infamous record of human rights, it has the discovery of thousands of unmarked graves in early 2000s; use of pellet guns that blinded the Kashmiri youth in last decade and stripping millions of the very basic human rights to life and dignity all through since 1947.” Baseer also said.

Pakistan bemoaned the militarisation of Kashmir and Jammu as the Indian army had claimed close to 100000 lives while it had arrested over 150 000 civilians and left over 100000 orphaned as the situation has been labelled lawless by development partners.

“IIOJK, now for several years remains the most densely militarized place in the world, with 900,000 uniformed security personnel on ground, teethed with draconian laws. In a June, 2019 report of Amnesty International described the situation as “Tyranny of a lawless law” The Pakistan ambassador said.

Furhermore, “Since January 1989, Indian troops have martyred 96,095 innocent Kashmiris, custodial killings include 7,246, Civilians arrested 164,970, Structures/homes destroyed 110,487, Women widowed 22,946, Women molested 11,255, children orphaned 107,866 since January 1989 till 31 July 2022.” Baseer also said.

India’s reactions are against the recent denouncement of it’s actions to misrepresent the demographic structure of the region through issuance of Kashmiri residents status to Indians and restructuring demographic boundaries.

“During the recently held 48th Session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers held in Islamabad, Pakistan in March 2022, the Council denounced India’s ill-fated attempt of altering the demographic structure of the IIOJK including the issuance of over 4.2 million domiciles to non-Kashmiri Indian citizens and redrawing of electoral constituencies in the occupied region to influence any future plebiscite.”H.E. Murad Baseer also highlighted.

The commemorations come at a time the visit to Taiwan by American Speaker of National house of Representatives Nancy Pelosi attracted criticism from China as it continually seeks control of Honk Kong and Taiwan despite calls for territorial independence by the states.

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