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Pasture Based Model, A Dairy Industry Game Changer- Haritatos

The pasture Based Model of milk production was hailed at a launch of the product and field day held in Kwekwe Yesterday by the agricultural deputy Minister Vangelis Haritstos.

With feeds constituting the largest share of costs for the farmer, the pasture Based Model seeks to cut costs by vertically integrating to pasture production without compromising quality.

“On farm feed formulation and fodder production is key in sustaining dairy farming enterprises as feed cost alone contribute about 60-70% of total cost on the farm. The growing of pastures for feeding our dairy animals will definitely develop the dairy farming entities to sustainable enterprises as is the case with Denfarm.” Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Lands, Fisheries and Rural Development Vangelis Haritatos said.

The farm visit also highlighted that the partnership with government and development partners had availed dendairy and denfarm with a stock production structure that would decrease prices by 30% for farmers in Kwekwe.

“I have been informed that, Dendairy and Denfarm will have 350 hectares put under lucerne which will be available for sale to dairy farmers at more than a 33% discount to the price of stock feed starting this December.” Haritatos also emphasised.

The move is expected to enhance efficient management systems for the farmers that enhance profit.

“This venture has grown to the current state where a precision farming system is being implemented, optimizing inputs to enhance yield and quality of output. This system and technology will allow them to make more timely and informed decisions, resulting in improved productivity and profitability for themselves and other dairy farmers in the Midlands province.” Haritatos highlighted.

The denfarm and it’s dendairy brand is a major contributor to the country’s milk industry which has suffered setbacks owing to various factors.

“The Denfarm project has a total herd of 2210, milking 968 animals which are producing an average of 23 litres per cow per day. The national milk production currently is just under 80 million liters per year of which the Denfarm is proud to note that it is contributing significantly to this volume making it one of the top 10 producers in the country.” Haritatos said

Milk production remains a key component of agriculture that has suffered from vast setbacks that government sympathizers have leveled against sanctions while opposition blames on the land reform program and mismanagement.


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