Tribunal to Investigate Circumstances Sarrounding Commissioner John Makamure’s Charges

Government has established a tribunal to inquire into the question of removal from office of Commissioner John Makamure, the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission Spokesperson following accusations that he failed to declare interest upon appointment as the founding trustee of Southern African Parliamentary Support Trust , SAPST, corruption, among other allegations inconsistent with his role as commissioner.

The tribunal has been tasked with the duty “to investigate whether or not Commissioner John Makamure failed to disclose his interest as the founder and trustee of the Southern African Parliamentary Support Trust (SAPST) whose objects are allegedly inconsistent with the functions of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission and Government.” According to the proclamation published by government .

Furthermore, “to investigate whether or not Commissioner John Makamure failed to disclose his involvement in political activities which is inconsistent with the duties and functions as Commissioner of Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission.” The proclamation highlighted.

The tribunal is also expected “ to investigate whether or not Commissioner John Makamure directed one Lee Sung to fund his political campaigns in Gokwe in return for his protection.” According to the proclamation.

The tribunal is expected “to investigate whether or not Commissioner John Makamure’s conduct can be deemed to be tantamount to gross misconduct.” After which the tribunal is expected “to consider all information submitted by the Judicial Service Commission in order to arrive at an appropriate recommendation to the President.” The proclamation highlighted.

The proclamation further stipulated that, “the Tribunal shall be held for a period of five (5) months from the date of swearing in of Members, at such appropriate venue as shall be determined by the Tribunal.”

Through the proclamation government appointed “Retired Justice Maphios Cheda as Chairperson of the Tribunal; appoint the Secretary for Justice, Legal and Parliamentary to be the secretary to the Tribunal.” The proclamation highlighted.

The Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission is one of two anticorruption structures that government has adopted in a bid to complement the security forces in dealing with the alleged rampant occurrence of corruption in Zimbabwe.