ZANU PF youth leader Blasts ‘Poor’ Tsenengamu

By Own Correspondent The ruling party youth league’s deputy political commissar Taurai Kandishaya has described the former Mashonaland Central Zanu PF youth leader Godfrey Tsenengamu as a desperate ‘poor man’.

In a hard-hitting interview with this publication ,Kandishaya had no kind words for opposition leader Godfrey Tsenengamu following his much-publicized press conference.According to Kandishaya, the former Zanu PF youth league national political commissar Tsenengamu failed to invest meaningfully during his tenure hence all the antics.

“Tsenengamu is the poorest former ZANU PF youths chairman not because he is principled but because he is a serial womanizer who is now facing the burden of paying maintenance fees.“He ranks among the most unwanted former ZANU PF leaders in Mash Central for his inconsistent political leadership,”Kandishaya said.

The acerbic Kandishaya said despite owning a farm ,Tsenengamu has failed dismally to use the land.“

He is the only former youth chair who has never delivered even a tonne of maize at GMB whereas he has a farm,”added Kandishaya.

“It is only Tsenengamu among the former youth executive members who is still renting and let alone does not even own a housing stand at a growth point,”pointed out Zanu PF youth league deputy national political commissar.

Commenting on the revelations by Tsenengamu that he toured Mashonaland Central gathering people’s views, Kandishaya said it was laughable given the lack of resources gripping the former.

“The only vehicle Tsenengamu owns is a Honda Fit and it cant access areas like Mbire so which whole Mashonaland Province is he talking about.“When he was the Zanu PF youth leader in the area he never toured half of the province after being imposed by the G40 cabal so to say he then managed to cover that when he is incapacitated is a joke,”revealed Kandishaya.

He further said that it was a moron to believe that former indigenization minister Saviour ‘Tyson’ Kasukuwere still has clout.

“Nobody misses Kasukuwere in Mash Central for he did nothing for the community.Just like very few people could miss Joyce Mujuru and Nicholas Goche.”

Tsenengamu addressed a press conference on Wednesday where he sensationally claimed that people in Mashonaland Central where clamouring for the return of Saviour Kasukuwere.

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