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ZCMA introduces a platform to resolve conflicts in churches, businesses and families

By Florence Zirima

Zimbabwe Christian Ministers Association (ZCMA) has introduced a platform to resolve conflicts in churches, businesses and families in a bid to protect the integrity of the body of Christ.

In an interview with ZCMA President and CEO Bishop Christopher Choto said the organization has established a peacemaker council to help churches in resolving their disputes.

“We see that at leadership level that’s where conflicts emanate from and in the past few years conflicts have been arising in churches so we saw it fit to have a platform that deals with conflicts within the church body.”

“The objective of the peace maker council is to provide conflict resolution services to the church body, businesses, individuals, families, communities as well as the nation at large.

“We also provide reconciliation and mediation services as well as support arbitration processes,” he added.

The organization is working with practitioners that are well experienced in handling disagreements together with church fathers so that they give mediation support to those who need it.

Bishop Choto said the platform is an alternative platform to deal with conflicts.

“The courts we have in our nation are doing a wonderful job but we are bringing this as an alternative that especially suits the church. We don’t have to use the courts to settle church disputes because of the spiritual nature that churches operate in,” he explained.

As the nation is approaching the election season, Bishop Choto urged churches to promote peace in the country.

“We urge the church to remain apolitical so that we don’t divide our nation as we are going towards elections. Let’s all try to avoid things that bring conflicts so that we push Zimbabwe forward,” he said.

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