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Zim Condemns West-Israeli Hegemony in Palestine

Zimbabwe reiterated it’s commitment to the call of solidarity with Palestine while rediculing the Israel – Global West hegemony in the world’s arguably longest war at a solidarity dialogue in Harare today.

Speakers at a Conference attended by the muslim, christian, social, political, diplomatic leaders denounced the continued invasion of Palestine as a human rights violation that warranted multilateral and developmental leaders to shun Israel from the global developmental space.

Zani PF Secretary Secretary for External Affairs, Simbarashe Mbengegwi emphasised the need ‘ for cooperation instead of one Party dialogue ‘, ‘essential’ role ‘solidarity has to peace building, feasibility of the Israeli power as only backed by the highest order of an ‘imperialistic hierarchy ‘, while emphasising the second republic’s open mantra as calling for dialogue and resolve.

Palestine Ambassador to Zimbabwe Tamer Almassri committed to it’s solidarity with the entirity of the world through opening it’s borders, sanctification of muslim and Christianity which it pays historical homage in Jerusalem as it’s capital despite constant Israeli threats and commended Zimbabwe for the unconditional friendship.

Chairperson for the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs and International trade, Webster Shamhu, said that, they, as parly, would continue ‘facilitating trade between Zim and Palestine’, recognize Palestinian sovereignty and would work for their freedom.

The solidarity dialogue saw speakers drawing similarities between the Global West funded Palestine -Israeli standoff and sanctions on Zimbabwe by the former.

Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa, the Secretary for Information and Publicity in ZANU PF and Chairperson in the recently added War Veterans Association emphasised the need for the Global West’s inquiries on how Palestine Chairs Zimbabwe’s Diplomatic Qau should focus on peace and resolve while wishing the current Ambassador, the potential to chair the same.

The Resolutions at the solidarity Meeting were rededicating against all forms of exploitation against Palestinians with sympathy to the patriarchal plight of children and women, call on Global isolation on Israel , Countering Israeli hegemony, lobby for Israel’s declaration as a rogue pariah state, solidarity with Syria, Turkey and Zimbabwe Sanctions abolishment campaign.among other calls.

The solidarity dialogue brings into introspect the global geopolitical order at a time the Ukraine -Russian war has drawn the same arguments which have categorised global ties along Eastern and Western lines

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