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Zim Women Arrested for Drug Dealership in SA


Three Nigerian males and one Zimbabwean female were arrested by the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department(JMPD) K9 Unit for dealing and possession of drugs in Florida, Roodepoort.

On Sunday 03 July 2022, officers followed up on information regarding a well-known drug hotspot in the Florida area. Numerous complaints were received about different groups of Nigerian nationals standing along Hull street in Florida across the railway selling drugs, but whenever police approached and searched them nothing would be found.

Officers set up an operation and started monitoring the suspects to establish their method of working. After careful observation, officers found that the buyer would approach one of the dealers and order what he or she wanted.

The dealer will then enter one of three shops that are used as a front, collect whatever was ordered, return with the goods and hand them over to the buyer.

After further observation officers established that there was a portion of the shops that were closed off at the back and it could only be accessed through one shop with a hidden door that leads to where someone was sitting with the drugs and would distribute them according to what was purchased on the street outside.

After fully understanding how the drug dealers operate, a sting operation was conducted and officers raided the premises. Three Nigerian males and one Zimbabwean female who were all part of the syndicate were found in possession of the drugs which included 44 zip lock packets of crystal meth and 13 mandrax tablets.

All four suspects were placed under arrest and detained at the Florida Police Station. They are due to appear in court during the course of the week.

Statement Issued by the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department’s Communications

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