Zimbabweans Impoverished- ZIMSTAT

The monthly poverty indices which showed that the Food Poverty Line (FPL) was $13,875.00 and $18,425.00 for Total Consumption Poverty Line (TCPL) respectively should stand as a clear wake up call on the poverty levels Zimbabwean’s have been subjected to and hasten redress.

According to the country’s official statistical office the country could be leaving in dire poverty as the total consumption datum lines were without the reach of most citizens and professional’s while costs realised increases of almost a third from last month.
“The Total Consumption Poverty Line (TCPL) for Zimbabwe stood at $18,425.09 per person in June 2022. This means that an individual required that much to purchase both non-food and food items as at June 2022 in order not to be deemed poor. This represents an increase of 31.2 percent when compared to the May 2022 figure of $14,041.38.”

With the government currently striking following earning around twenty thousand Zimbabwean dollars and the majority being breadwinners to households of around 4people the levels of poverty can be imagined for the professional Zimbabwean they can not fully meet the stomach demands let alone other essentials.

With the labor challenges of Zimbabwe having outlived the current government, ‘second republic’, the adoption of World Bank partnership in statistics accumulation should perhaps best assist government in addressing wages and the general labor conditions which have been argued incoherent.

According to a 2016 research by the USAID and ILO titled, ‘WAGE STRUCTURE AND LABOUR COSTS IN ZIMBABWE: AN ANALYSIS OF FLEXIBILITY, COMPETITIVENESS AND EQUITY’, “The view that the labor market in Zimbabwe is rigid has become topical agenda among policy makers, employers and academics. This view has led to calls for the liberalization of the labor markets.”

With many non state actors arguing continued variation in statistics with government, the current socio economic disparity exposed by the wage shortcomings exposed by the official statistical office should introspect government to address the challenge as the country has ventured in multiple ‘mega deals’ that should translate to better living conditions for Zimbabweans.

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