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Zimbabwean’s Should Spearhead Economic Development – Matsa

Businessman, philanthropist, and Business Economic Empowerment Federation President, Dr Solomon Matsa called for Zimbabwean’s to spearhead economic development at a discussion with journalist’s in Harare yesterday.

The BEEF President emphasised the role Zimbabweans had in developing the country’s economy at the expense of foreign investment which only related in tax returns and little development of locals.

BEEF, an economic development initiative that is aimed at availing platforms for dialogue between business leaders and government leaders emphasised it’s commitment in enhancing development in Zimbabwe.

“We are engaging business owners across the country and in the diaspora with specific interest in mining, agriculture, tourism, ICT and Infrastructural development to avail them platforms of discussion with government so as to avail knowledge on necessary challenges they are facing for address.” Dr Matsa emphasised.

Matsa called for Zimbabwean’s to embrace the empowerment and indigenous economic development programs that were called for by government as employment could not make Zimbabweans rich.

“We need to develop an idea of business ownership amongst Zimbabweans as being employed would not make us rich. I personally ventured into business at 27 and became a millionaire by 30. Had I continued working I would not be self sufficient and I emplore Zimbabwean’s to take up the same route.” Matsa also said.

Dr Matsa called for government to adopt mandatory procurement of local products to guarantee growth of the local producers and their business.

Matsa highlighted BEEFs economic development and empowerment efforts within the Chilli farming projects, economic development forum, among other areas of service.

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