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ZIMSTAT hosts Post Enumeration Survey Training

The Zimbabwe Statistics Agency is engaged in a training for the implementation of the second ever Post Enumeration Survey so as to evaluate the recently held census.

“A PES is carried out immediately after a population census in order to establish the magnitude of census coverage and content errors.

The 2022 PES will collect information on persons who were enumerated and those not enumerated during the 2022 Population and Housing Census (PHC). If executed diligently and efficiently, the PES outcome will help foster confidence in the 2022 PHC results.” MR TAGUMA MAHONDE, ZIMSTAT DIRECTOR-GENERAL said.

The enumeration will compare results from the survey questionnaire which are guided by the census questions to note variation with the training of enumerators standing as a key element of the process.

“The PES questionnaire contains a few questions from the demographic characteristics and education sections of the 2022 Population and Housing Census questionnaire. After data collection, a comparison of the two data sets will be conducted in order to establish the percentage of coverage and content errors.” MAHONDE also emphasised.

Furthermore, “Today marks the beginning of the PES Training of Enumerators, which is the most important stage in the survey process. You are therefore expected to exercise high levels of self-discipline so that by the end of this training you will be able to confidently conduct interviews.” The ZIMSTAT Director General said.

This is the county’s second PES with the first having been carried out in 2012 following the Population Census carried out in the same year.

The census process was mixed with experience’s following report’s on drunk enumerators, social media talk on questions and non payment of staff and service providers months after completion of the process.

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